Boost Satisfaction, Drive Better Outcomes by Improving Rounding Compliance

Why 2019 Is the Time for Hospitals to Invest in Technology

3 Ways Nurse Call Communications Technology Enhances Nurse Satisfaction

Three Tips to Make Patient Safety a Top Priority

Why Next-Generation Nurse Call Communication Systems Require an Experienced Clinical Implementation Team

Nurse Call of the Future: How Nurse Call Has Evolved

Investing in the Future, Even When It’s Cloudy

4 Reasons You Need a New Nurse Call System

3 Ways Advanced Nurse Call Improves Patient Satisfaction

Three Levels to Situational Awareness

4 Tools to Achieve Patient Room Situational Awareness

3 Strategies to Prevent Nurse Fatigue

A New Day for Nurse Call: Why Facility Directors Prefer Amplion Alert

Three Technology Solutions for Coordinating Better In-Room Care

Amplion’s Secret Sauce for Technology Adoption: A Q&A With Brenda Aubin, RN, BSN

The Amplion Difference: Seeing the Future of Nurse Call

3 Ways to Foster a Culture of Communication and Teamwork

2 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Alarm Management

Nurse Workloads Lead to Fatigue: 3 Ways to Help

How Amplion Enhances the Patient Care Delivery Experience

Happy, Healthy Nurses = Happy, Healthy Patients

Heading Off a Nursing Shortage at the Pass

The Positive Financial Impact of Point-of-Care Data

Why It Pays to Invest in Patient Experience

3 Ways to Make the Most of Hourly Patient Rounds

3 Ways Improved Communication With Your Clinical Team Can Lead to Better Patient Outcomes

Reducing Alarm Fatigue, Improving Patient Care

Q&A With CEO Frank Grant: The Urgency of Implementing Real-Time Healthcare Technology in Hospitals

Key Themes From HIMSS 2018

What Every Nurse Leader Needs to Know

How Hospitals Can Chart Their Digital Future With Real-Time Technology

Why Outdated Technology Is Every Nurse’s Kryptonite

The Conference Countdown Has Begun: Amplion Takes Its Nurse Call Care Assurance Platform on the Road

How Hospital Noise Impacts Patients—and How to Alleviate It

How One Hospital Is Creating a Culture of Change in Healthcare

Giving Patients the Gift of Presence

6 Digital Health Predictions for Hospitals in 2018

Using Point-of-Care Data to Improve Operational Excellence

Building Loyalty Through Consistent Care: How to Fulfill Your Promises to Patients Every Time

5 Soft Skills Every Nurse Needs to Deliver the Best Patient Experience

Investing in Nurse Call? 3 Reasons You Need a Partner, Not a Vendor

Why Improving Clinical Alerts Is Vital for Hospital Safety and Staff Retention

Are You Ready for Disruption? 3 Ways to Prepare Your Hospital to Adopt Transformative Technology

The Promise of Disruptive Technology and Big Data for Hospitals

How Hospitals Can Create a 5-star Experience for Patients and Their Families

3 Ways to Help Your Hospital Staff Overcome the Fear of Change

It Pays to Keep Your Nurses: Smart Strategies for Tackling Nurse Burnout and Turnover

Health 2.0: Glimpsing the Future of Health Technology

Amplion CEO David Condra Talks Nashville Technology Scene

Amplion at Health 2.0: Demonstrating How Next-Generation Technology Improves Patient Experience, ROI for Hospitals

Amplion at Health 2.0: Showcasing Technology to Meet the Operational Challenges of Value-based Care

How Real-time Health Technology Can Help Hospitals Create Interoperable, Patient-centric Systems

How Real-time Health System Technology Can Drive Better Business Results

How Real-time Health Technology Can Help Beat Nurse Burnout

Flashback Friday: How Legacy Hospital Nurse Call Systems Have Evolved

Healthcare as a Human Experience

7 Insights From The Beryl Institute's Newest Patient Experience Study

How Caregivers Can Transform Their Hospital Culture from the Ground Up

How to Change Your Culture to Improve the Patient Experience

Hospitals Minimizing Risk of Downtime in Patient Care Technologies

5 Guidelines for Keeping Healthcare Tech Purchases Purposeful

How Hospitals Can Tackle Clinical Alarm Management Challenges

5 Ways Hospitals Can Use Data to Enhance Patient Experience

Alarm Management Technologies Help Hospitals Improve Responsiveness

3 Steps to Harnessing and Maximizing Real-Time Health Data

One Secret to Improving Hospital Operations and Patient Experience

Why Improving Health Technologies is Key to Patient Experience

How Hospitals, Nursing Leaders and Nurses Can Beat Caregiver Burnout

Keys to Boosting Engagement, Enthusiasm in Nursing Teams

A Patient's Passion for Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Experience

Elevating the Voice of Patients, Families in the Care Experience

Top Five Pet Peeves That Affect Patient Satisfaction

Four Insights Every Hospital CEO Should Know About Patient Experience

AONE 2017: Nursing Leaders Must Be Innovative, Vulnerable to Succeed

Embracing Technology, Collaboration Crucial for Future Nursing Leaders

PX2017: Employee and Patient Engagement

6 Key Takeaways From The Beryl Institute Study on Patient Experience

HIMSS17: Improving the Patient Experience

Alarm Fatigue: Assessing the Risks for Caregivers and Patients

Blueprint for Smashing the Status Quo in Healthcare at HIMSS

Gartner Report: Real-time Health Systems Shaping Nurse Call

5 Guidelines for Analyzing the ROI of Healthcare IT

Amplion at HIMSS: Talking Barriers to Next-level Patient Care

The Importance of Empathy in Nurses and Caregivers

Hospital Culture Transformation Starts at the Top

Five Crucial Steps to Achieving Hospital Interoperability

Bridging the digital and physical divide in hospitals

Improve HCAHPS Ratings with the Right Nurse Call System

Measures that matter

Adding a human touch to interoperability

Alarm Fatigue is Not the Only Serious Alarm Issue for Nursing Teams

Amplion's Celebrating 100 Million Messages: Here’s How It All Started

Why the Joint Commission’s clinical alarm safety move is a good one

How caregiver communication impacts the patient experience

Can We Bring the Concept of Air Traffic Control to Patient Care?

3 Tips for Aligning HCAHPS Scores and Outcomes in Hospitals

Our 3 Favorite Themes from Health:Further Summit 2016

Our top 10 favorite nurse stories of 2016 so far

Evolving Patient Care from Reactive to Proactive

How to Gain Leadership Buy-In for a New Nurse Call System

It’s Time to Use Data to Fill the Customer Service Void in Healthcare

Antiquated Nurse Call Systems Hold Hospitals Back

Why Interoperability Matters

Gartner Report Sheds Light on UL 1069 and New Nurse Call Technology

The State of Healthcare IT from an Accomplished CTO [Interview]

Alarm Management: Where We Are Vs. Where We Should Be

The State of Nursing in 2016 [Infographic]

A Day in the Life of a Nurse Executive: I Still Wear Scrubs to Work

Patients May Not Be the Toughest Customers for American Hospitals

Our Favorite Tweets from Patient Experience Conference 2016

3 Themes from AONE 2016

3 Ways to Help Your Nursing Team Make Friends with Technology

Patient Safety and Effective Communication Go Hand in Hand

3 Themes from HIMSS 2016

3 Tips for Creating a Transparent Work Environment in Healthcare

Closing the Loop – Creating a Culture of Exceptional Patient Care

Clinical Standardization: the Holy Grail of Modern Healthcare

5 Ideas to Close the Loop Between Patient Care & Nurse Accountability

New Year’s Resolutions: Focusing on Patient Satisfaction

The Deadline For Alarm System Management Is Here. Are You Prepared?

3 Ways You Can Improve Safety in the Patient Care Experience

7 Big Hospital Trends from 2015

5 Critical Questions for Your Next Nurse Call System

Accountable Care Requires Disruptive Innovation

How Technology Already in Use Can Impact the Patient Experience

Why You Should Expect More From Your Hospital Nurse Call

What If Patient Priorities Were Determined by Experience?

How Can the Smart Patient Room Help Us Capitalize on Big Data?

Interoperability - A Necessary Component Of The Smart Patient Room

Where Did Idea Of The Smart Patient Room Get Its Start?

Introducing: The Smart(er) Patient Room Of The Future

Improving the Patient Experience: Improving Aesthetics AND the Care

Using Clinical Business Intelligence To Drive Data Into Action

Healthcare Technology Offers Promise for Improving Patient Care

How Interoperability Can Impact Meaningful Use (Part 2)

Health: Further Conference – 5 Key Insights from Healthcare Innovators

Interoperability is Imperative For Smarter Care. (Part 1)

Unified Systems Create Real Communication For Your Hospital

Hospitals Are Ready for a Revolution in Patient Communications

Hospitals Must Overcome Legacy Technology to Improve Patient Care

Survey: What’s Next and What’s Needed for Nurse Call

Balanced Clinical Workloads Help Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Are You Ready for TJC 2016 Alarm Management Deadline?

Clinical Staffing Decisions - Better with Data

Three Important Ways Data is Transforming Patient Care

Keeping Pace with Healthcare Technology without Breaking the Bank

Nursing Calls the Servant's Heart

Nursing: An Honorable Profession, An Open Career Path

Celebrating the Backbone of Quality Patient Care

Why Great Leaders Create a Circle of Safety

Amplion CEO, David Condra, Named Health Care Hero

Re-Imagining Nurse Call and Patient Communications

Patient Care Experience Tip: Make Promises You Intend to Keep

Three Ways to Improve Patient Safety and Contain Costs

Wrong Cost Cutting Measures May Hurt Quality of Patient Care

Botched Hand-Offs - A Serious Threat to Patient Safety

Leading by Example to Create a Culture of Accountable Care

Patient Experience Depends on More than Quality Outcomes

Building an Accountable Care Organization Requires Insight

Blending Data and Clinical Judgment to Improve Patient Care

My Son's Accident Reaffirms Patient Communication Gaps

Transparency Key to Dealing With an Impatient Patient Advocate

Noise, Communication Top Issues Affecting Patient Hospital Experience

The Number One Health Technology Issue for 2015

Challenging Times for Modern Hospitals Require New Solutions

Amplion Taps Frank Grant as New Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Hospital Staffing Ratios

Seeing Through the Patient Perspective

Some More Thoughts on Alarm Fatigue

Nashville-based Amplion Ramps Up Operations

HEALTHCARE ENTERPRISE: Amplion Alert Streamlines Nurse Paging

Technological Advances, Patient-centered Care To Reduce Hospital Falls

Dalcon Rebrands as Amplion; Announces Capital Raise

Dalcon Changes Name to Amplion, Adopts New Hospital Alert Mission

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