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Why Next-Generation Nurse Call Communication Systems Require an Experienced Clinical Implementation Team

Picture this scenario: It’s time to upgrade your hospital’s nurse call system. First, you research and select a vendor, then schedule installation, training and Go Live. That’s it, right? Not if you want to take advantage of new technologies available in next generation nurse call communications systems.

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5 Guidelines for Keeping Healthcare Tech Purchases Purposeful

Keeping healthcare technology up-to-date in hospitals is necessary to expand services, cut costs, recruit the best medical talent, and improve clinical workflows as well as patient outcomes and experience. But determining the best purchasing processes for these crucial tech tools is one of the most challenging decisions hospital leaders face. 

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5 Ways Hospitals Can Use Data to Enhance Patient Experience

Hospitals that deliver a better patient experience perform better financially, attract more loyalty from patients and reduce their malpractice rates, research shows. But how can hospitals invest more in patient care at a time when many facilities are short-staffed and dealing with razor-thin margins? They can start by tapping into a resource they all have at their fingertips—data.

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Alarm Management Technologies Help Hospitals Improve Responsiveness

With the rising number of patient monitors and medical devices on the healthcare market, hospitals are seeing a growing need for platforms that can acquire, filter and manage alarm and event data from devices in a patient’s room and deliver it to the right care team member at the right time.

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3 Steps to Harnessing and Maximizing Real-Time Health Data

The healthcare community has more data at its fingertips than ever before, but it lags behind other industries in making that data useful in real-time, says Tod Fetherling, CEO of the healthcare analytics software company Perception Health, which helps hospitals use health data to boost efficiency and profitability.

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One Secret to Improving Hospital Operations and Patient Experience

Richard Corder has spent decades in the hospitality industry, from running a valet parking business to serving as a luxury hotel executive. But it was a stay in the hospital that ignited his passion for what he does today: helping healthcare leaders and organizations manage change, improve outcomes and align the experience of care with expectations and needs.

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Why Improving Health Technologies is Key to Patient Experience

Improving the patient experience is a growing initiative for many healthcare organizations, and data is key to driving this forward for most organizations. Today’s clinicians have more data and software solutions at their fingertips than ever, but outdated technology systems and the lack of interoperability between them makes using this data to communicate, coordinate care, and improve patient outcomes an uphill battle.

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How Hospitals, Nursing Leaders and Nurses Can Beat Caregiver Burnout

Nurses devote their lives to taking care of others, but when it comes to taking care of their own needs, many put themselves on the back burner. Research shows that the best nurses—those driven by compassion, attention to detail and a desire to serve—are the ones most susceptible to burnout from the growing stresses and demands of today’s healthcare environment.

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Keys to Boosting Engagement, Enthusiasm in Nursing Teams

Highly engaged clinical staff and employees are key to improving the overall experience patients have while staying in the hospital. Nurses play a critical role in this effort. Registered nurses outnumber doctors 4 to 1, and they comprise the largest single component of hospital staff and serve as the primary providers of hospital care in the United States. Not only do nurses perform hands-on tasks such as taking vital signs and dispensing medication, but they also walk alongside patients through diagnoses and treatment plans and coordinate care across all settings. It’s essential for hospitals that their nurses—the heartbeat of the hospital—are engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs.

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Embracing Technology, Collaboration Crucial for Future Nursing Leaders

Amplion will join thousands of nurses in Baltimore this week for the annual American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) conference. To mark the founding of the organization in 1967, this year’s conference will celebrate 50 years of inspiring nursing leaders and providing nurses with leadership training, professional development and research to help them excel. Not only does the event allow nurses to connect with colleagues across the country, but it also gives them a chance to glimpse the latest technological innovations in the field—including our next-generation nurse call system, which we will be exhibiting there.

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