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3 Ways Nurse Call Communications Technology Enhances Nurse Satisfaction

It’s no secret that nurses juggle a lot of daily responsibilities—hourly rounding, administering medications, fulfilling patients’ requests, chasing alarms from room to room, charting and monitoring patients’ conditions, managing intravenous lines, communicating with doctors, and much more. Those tasks, in addition to the stress of long shifts, lean staffing and coping with sickness and death, can often lead nurses to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

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Three Tips to Make Patient Safety a Top Priority

The healthcare industry’s shift toward a value-based care reimbursement model has prompted healthcare providers to turn their attention toward improving patient safety and preventing “never” events, such as wrong-site surgery, that should never happen in the field of medical treatment. The definition of never events has expanded to include things such as falls, missed care or hospital-acquired infections. 

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Why It Pays to Invest in Patient Experience

As reimbursement models reward or penalize hospitals based on patient experience, healthcare organizations are more focused on the experience they’re providing patients.

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Key Themes From HIMSS 2018

The Amplion team enjoyed the chance to exhibit and present in the Innovation Zone at the 2018 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, which wrapped up last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference—with the theme of “Where the World Connects for Health”—attracted 45,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world for five days of education, networking and health IT product demonstrations.

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What Every Nurse Leader Needs to Know

Amplion has always considered nurses to be the backbone of the hospital, and it has been gratifying to deliver that message to thousands of attendees this week at the HIMSS2018 Conference, the leading healthcare information and technology conference.

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Why Outdated Technology Is Every Nurse’s Kryptonite

Not all heroes wear capes—some wear scrubs and a stethoscope. It’s no secret that nurses are superheroes, juggling a multitude of life-saving duties during every shift without breaking a sweat. Not only do they perform physical exams, talk to patients about medical histories and health education, and administer medications, but they also coordinate care with other medical professionals, comfort grieving family members, and reassure scared patients.

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The Conference Countdown Has Begun: Amplion Takes Its Nurse Call Care Assurance Platform on the Road

Amplion is hitting the road for two important conferences over the next few weeks: the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Texas Organization of Nurse Executives (TONE) and the HIMSS18 Annual Conference & Exhibition! Read on to learn more about how we’re sharing our patient care solutions with frontline nursing and technology leaders—and ways we’ll be listening to the latest challenges and learning from other healthcare innovators.

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How Hospital Noise Impacts Patients—and How to Alleviate It

Hospitals are anything but quiet. The whish of automatic doors, squeaking carts, chatter in the hallways, and televisions blaring in the room next door can be a nuisance for someone enduring a hospital stay. Add to that the cacophony of bells, beeps and chimes from bedside machines and patient monitoring devices, and it’s no surprise that noise is the top complaint of patients, visitors and employees on HCAHPS surveys.

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Giving Patients the Gift of Presence

We were recently touched by a video taken at Vanderbilt University Medical Center here in Nashville that showed a young nurse singing to her dying patient. The video, which was posted to Facebook by the patient’s family and viewed millions of times, spoke volumes about the comfort and compassion the best nurses bring to their patients. In the video, the nurse looks intently into her patient’s eyes, reassuring her with a smile and caressing her hand while singing one of her favorite songs to her.

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Using Point-of-Care Data to Improve Operational Excellence

Hospitals are inundated with more patient data than ever thanks to the growth in required reporting for government agencies and tracking of quality indicators. Though the deluge of data can be overwhelming, it can also serve as a vital tool for driving the improvements to patient care, safety and experience that hospitals must make to reap the financial incentives of value-based care.

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