Investing in Nurse Call? 3 Reasons You Need a Partner, Not a Vendor

Posted by Frank Grant, President & CEO on December 21, 2017

business partner.jpgIs upgrading your hospital’s patient care technology on your list of goals for the year? If so, you may be faced with a dizzying array of options when you sit down to evaluate the best technologies to implement into your facility.  

It’s easy to fall for the shiny object syndrome and become so distracted by the bells and whistles of different technology products that you lose sight of your overarching needs for the technology—and your vision of what you hope to accomplish with it.  

Nurse call systems are just one example of this. Conventional systems are evolving from systems that provided limited, basic call bell functionality to those that leverage data, analytics and real-time communication tools to improve care coordination, patient responsiveness and alarm management. Many of these systems, however, require hospitals to purchase expensive middleware to integrate with existing technologies, making it difficult for them to add new technologies outside of that vendor relationship later on.

If you’re shopping for new nurse call technology, don’t settle simply for a vendor. What you really need is a partner: someone who will walk alongside you, understand your struggles and help your clinical teams successfully make the transition to a new and better nurse call system. Here are three reasons why you need a technology partner instead of just a vendor to achieve the best outcomes.

  1. To tailor technology to your needs and maximize its use. Your hospital may have all the latest and greatest technology, but do you understand how to use it? Are you maximizing its value? It’s important to choose a vendor who will not just set up the technology and walk away. You need a partner willing to analyze clinical workflow to develop customized solutions for your facility and ensure systems are integrated on the front end. For technology to be rapidly adopted and have a positive impact on patents out of the gate, you need the right tools and partner to integrate technology and properly train staff on how to best use it.   
    How Amplion can help: We collaborate with hospitals to better understand their technology challenges and empower their teams. We partner with hospital leaders to identify what needs improvement and evaluate how our platform will impact workflow, staffing practices, patient assignments, communications and even staff collaboration. From there, we work with our engineers to design and build your platform, then test and refine it. We also provide hands-on training led by former nursing leaders, along with ongoing support and 24-hour remote troubleshooting.

  2. To translate data into meaningful insights. Real-time technologies that collect point-of-care data can give you the insights to deliver better care, but this data is useless if you don’t know how to use it effectively. You need a vendor who gives you the tools to not only gather data in real time, but also derive the information you need to make meaningful changes. Technology that provides access to visualized data and analytics can help you monitor staff performance, conduct service recovery, address workflow issues and make objective decisions that drive clinical, operational and financial goals. 
    How Amplion can help: Our patent care platform collects thousands of data points at the patient’s bedside while care is being delivered. This point-of-care data flows into an integrated reporting and analytics portal that produces colorful, visualized reports that help hospitals monitor workload, staffing mix, performance and more. These insights provide leaders with deeper views of what’s happening in their hospital and the visibility they need to make financial and operational improvements.  

  3. To chart your own technological future. Budgeting will always be challenge when introducing new technologies into your hospital; that’s why it helps to find a partner committed to the lifetime cost of ownership. Will the technology you buy today require you to rip it out and replace it in a few years, or is it built for the future? Will your hospital be trapped in vendor lock to keep your technology interoperable, or will you be free to create the digital future you desire? Purchasing systems built with open-source technology can be a pathway to financial freedom. Finding a technology provider that develops solutions with your needs in mind and helps you overcome dependency on a single vendor is a true partner dedicated to helping you succeed.  
    How Amplion can help: Our single-source, integrated platform cuts out middleware and middlemen and fits seamlessly with existing technologies. Our hospital partners don’t have to deal with distributors or hard-to-reach third parties. A partnership with us means solutions and service come straight from the source. We make it easy to purchase, install and maintain nurse call technology. We also provide personal demonstrations so customers can ask all the questions they want.

Through our Amplion Alert platform, we are revolutionizing patient-care communications, replacing dated legacy nurse call systems with a powerful suite of patient communication and care management tools. Our next-generation platform gives nurses the tools they need to be more organized and responsive and helps patients and their loved ones feel more confident about the care they receive.

If you want to know the cost of outdated technology to your hospital, staff and patient care, talk to one of our clinical specialists today.

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