Nurse Call of the Future: How Nurse Call Has Evolved

Believe it or not, the history of nurse call dates back to the mid-1800s. During the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale, known as the founder of modern nursing, realized patients needed a way to ring for nurses. She remembered how the wealthy rang bells to summon servants in affluent homes, and envisioned a similar concept for nurses and patients. In a letter to an acquaintance, Nightingale wrote, “Without a system of this kind, a nurse is converted into a pair of legs for running up [and] down the stairs.”

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4 Reasons You Need a New Nurse Call System

Clinicians understand the value of a next-generation nurse call system because they’re the staff members who actually use the technology. However, nurse executives with the power to drive decision-making around purchasing a new nurse call system may have limited knowledge of the clinical challenges caused by outdated nurse call technologies.

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A New Day for Nurse Call: Why Facility Directors Prefer Amplion Alert

When it comes to purchasing a new nurse call system, it’s easy to focus on meeting the needs of the clinical team. But nurses aren’t the only hospital employees who care about the nurse call system. Hospital facility directors are also vested in the purchasing or decision-making team at most healthcare facilities.

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The Amplion Difference: Seeing the Future of Nurse Call

It doesn’t take much effort to learn how frustrated clinicians are with the traditional nurse call system. Just type “nurse call system problems” into Google’s search engine, and you’ll get more than 55 million results in a matter of seconds. For years, nurse call systems have been trapped in the past. The traditional nurse call system—a complex system of electrical wiring based on technology from the 1970s—is typically unintelligent and outdated, creating alerts without context. Alerts are often delivered without enough information to properly respond..  Traditional technology is basically an “all call” to anyone and everyone. These non-specific alerting events can lead to alarm fatigue, which occurs when clinicians are exposed to an excessive amount of alarms. Alarm fatigue often results in desensitization and even missed alarms.

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The Conference Countdown Has Begun: Amplion Takes Its Nurse Call Care Assurance Platform on the Road

Amplion is hitting the road for two important conferences over the next few weeks: the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Texas Organization of Nurse Executives (TONE) and the HIMSS18 Annual Conference & Exhibition! Read on to learn more about how we’re sharing our patient care solutions with frontline nursing and technology leaders—and ways we’ll be listening to the latest challenges and learning from other healthcare innovators.

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Investing in Nurse Call? 3 Reasons You Need a Partner, Not a Vendor

Posted by Frank Grant, President & CEO on December 21, 2017

Is upgrading your hospital’s patient care technology on your list of goals for the year? If so, you may be faced with a dizzying array of options when you sit down to evaluate the best technologies to implement into your facility.  

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Flashback Friday: How Legacy Hospital Nurse Call Systems Have Evolved

Posted by Frank Grant, President & CEO on August 18, 2017

You might laugh at this memory from the movie “Wall Street” of what was once considered a state-of-the-art mobile phone and say to yourself, “Technology has come so far!” But is your hospital operating with a similarly antiquated nurse call system? Many hospitals are using systems well past their peak functionality.

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Gartner Report: Real-time Health Systems Shaping Nurse Call

Posted by Frank Grant, President & CEO on February 14, 2017

With the release of the new Gartner report, “Reinventing Nurse Call to Enable the Real-Time Health System,” analyst Barry Runyon lays out a path for not only improving but also transforming clinical communications in hospitals—a route that is becoming crucial for providers to take as they navigate the changing landscape of regulatory reform, new value-based mandates and growing patient populations. 

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Bridging the digital and physical divide in hospitals

No healthcare executive can safely ignore the changes brought by digital technologies to nearly every touchpoint of the consumer journey. Patients and consumers now blend their digital and physical worlds so tightly together they can’t comprehend why hospitals and healthcare systems haven’t done the same. While our industry has examined at length the issue of EHRs and online patient portals in recent years, there have been noticeably fewer discussions and slower movement around digital-physical fusion.

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Improve HCAHPS Ratings with the Right Nurse Call System

Patient satisfaction is a major factor in the continued success for hospitals today. With financial health and public reputation tied to HCAHPS scores, improving patient ratings remains a top priority for hospital leaders.

There’s no shortage of information on how to do it. A quick Internet search turns up millions of articles, blog posts and experts standing by to help improve scores, and while there are many approaches out there that may be effective, sustainable change requires a sustainable solution.

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