Can We Bring the Concept of Air Traffic Control to Patient Care?

Posted by Brenda Aubin on September 23, 2016

While many aspects of healthcare have evolved and become more coordinated thanks to technology and data analysis tools, nurse call still lags dramatically behind. Up to 1/3 of all hospitals are using nurse call technology that is nine years old or older. Why? When it comes to nurse call, many hospitals seem to embrace the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, seeing nurse call as more of a widget on the wall than an opportunity to provide higher level care.

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How to Gain Leadership Buy-In for a New Nurse Call System

Posted by Brenda Aubin on August 3, 2016

Still on an old nurse call system (and stressed out by its inefficiencies)? You’re not alone.

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Antiquated Nurse Call Systems Hold Hospitals Back

Posted by Frank Grant, President & CEO on July 8, 2016

Data revolution depends on smarter systems.

The insights that data provide can be game-changing, especially in the healthcare industry. Data can improve various aspects of patient care, ranging from patient safety to quality of care to employee satisfaction.

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Gartner Report Sheds Light on UL 1069 and New Nurse Call Technology

Posted by Tom Stephenson on June 23, 2016

The future of healthcare is now, yet approximately 1/3 of hospitals are using patient communication systems that are at least nine years old. In some cases, these legacy systems rely on technology from the 1970s and fall woefully short of the real-time technology needed in today’s hospitals.

In a recent research note, leading Gartner healthcare IT analyst Barry Runyon asks the question – “Is Nurse Call Still Necessary?” and notes that, “as hospitals evolve into real-time health systems, workflows will be defined by rapidly changing care delivery requirements, which will be accommodated by the convergence of more mobile and modern solutions that possess the ability to interoperate with other systems to form new solutions.” And they are working.
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5 Critical Questions for Your Next Nurse Call System

Posted by Cathy Swenson, RN, BSN, MA on December 10, 2015

In covering the state of nurse call, we have looked at “nurse call frustration” in a blog post titled Why You Should Expect More From Your Nurse Call. What we see from examining anecdotal or research-based evidence is growing dissatisfaction with legacy nurse call systems. Such systems usually provide only one-way communication from the patient to the nurse. They typically don’t collect much, if any, data for use in facilitating and confirming the delivery of care. In most cases, they contribute to the noise and chaos of a hospital floor, instead of enhancing patient and staff satisfaction.

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Why You Should Expect More From Your Hospital Nurse Call

Posted by Brenda Aubin on November 5, 2015

If you want an eye-opener on the current state of nursing, Google the phrase “nurse call frustration.” You’ll find more stories about the stressful jobs of nurses than you care to read. A common thread among them is the fact that when that nurse call light or alarm goes off, the nurse doesn’t know what the situation in the room will be. Nurse Eye Roll gives advice to patients on how to use the nurse call for best results. A burned out rookie nurse on vents about having to answer every call bell because she has no ward clerk. A survey from Special Care Systems finds that 64% of the time a call doesn’t require a nurse. So why are we stuck with this call system that patients don’t use correctly, nurses don’t have time to address, and which sounds alarms that many times don’t even require an RN?

It’s time to expect more from a nurse call system.

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Survey: What’s Next and What’s Needed for Nurse Call

Posted by David Condra, Founder on July 25, 2015

Amplion wanted to better understand the current landscape and limitations of existing patient communications and alarm monitoring systems that are operating in hospitals across the country. So, we surveyed 138 healthcare professionals regarding their existing, and desired, approaches to patient communications and alarm monitoring.

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Re-Imagining Nurse Call and Patient Communications

Posted by Karen Stone on April 14, 2015

Imagine a busy night on the floor. Nurses are pulled in every direction and patients have a lot of needs and wants. What if there was a seamless way for nurses to better communicate those needs - for nurses and aides to know what is needed even before they enter a patient's room? It sounds like a more efficient way to run a healthcare facility to be sure.


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