Patient Safety and Effective Communication Go Hand in Hand

Posted by Brenda Aubin on March 20, 2016

Last week, March 13-19, was Patient Safety Awareness Week, an initiative of the National Patient Safety Foundation. Patient safety is a vitally important healthcare issue, and can include measures ranging from hand washing to complex technological solutions.

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Three Ways to Improve Patient Safety and Contain Costs

Posted by Brenda Aubin on March 31, 2015

By the very name, it is clear that “never” events should not occur. But they do. For the last decade-plus, never events have been a focus for healthcare facilities and accrediting agencies. An aging U.S. population—and its increased use of healthcare—could drive continued growth of some of the most frequent never events that affect this age group.


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Botched Hand-Offs - A Serious Threat to Patient Safety

Posted by Brenda Aubin on March 6, 2015

It’s not often that the old “telephone game” is referenced in scientific research about improving patient safety. But that’s how one researcher described the standard hand-off practices at many healthcare facilities. You know the scenario: one person tells one person, who then tells another. The difference in how the story morphs through each telling is often humorous when children play the game. But when hospitals allow vital communications to become rife with errors, lives are at stake.


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