Amplion’s Secret Sauce for Technology Adoption: A Q&A With Brenda Aubin, RN, BSN

At Amplion, we care about ensuring our customers are successful. While we build state-of-the-art technology, what we really sell is positive outcomes. That’s why we created the Clinical Integration and Outcomes (CIAO) team. We leverage our more than 35 years of hands-on clinical experience to help you determine what’s working well in your hospital and identify areas for improvement.

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Q&A With CEO Frank Grant: The Urgency of Implementing Real-Time Healthcare Technology in Hospitals

Posted by Amplion on March 22, 2018

Achieving interoperability—dismantling the technological silos that prevent clinical information from being shared across healthcare IT systems throughout the organization—can be a challenge. Fortunately, an emerging set of technologies is capable of helping hospitals break down the barriers to sharing, analyzing and using information. Gartner calls this group of technologies the Real-Time Health System (RTHS). These technologies help hospitals access and use point-of-care data more effectively to improve the quality of patient care.

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One Secret to Improving Hospital Operations and Patient Experience

Richard Corder has spent decades in the hospitality industry, from running a valet parking business to serving as a luxury hotel executive. But it was a stay in the hospital that ignited his passion for what he does today: helping healthcare leaders and organizations manage change, improve outcomes and align the experience of care with expectations and needs.

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Why Improving Health Technologies is Key to Patient Experience

Improving the patient experience is a growing initiative for many healthcare organizations, and data is key to driving this forward for most organizations. Today’s clinicians have more data and software solutions at their fingertips than ever, but outdated technology systems and the lack of interoperability between them makes using this data to communicate, coordinate care, and improve patient outcomes an uphill battle.

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A Patient's Passion for Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Experience

Posted by Karen Stone on April 28, 2017

Today Matt Cavallo is known in healthcare industry circles as a leading speaker, consultant and clinical educator. Author of the memoir, The Dog Story: A Journey Into a New Life With Multiple SclerosMatt head shot.pngis, Cavallo inspires audiences across the country with his story of overcoming the physical and emotional challenges of chronic illness. As chief customer officer and vice president of innovation at Care Experience, he uses his own experiences as a patient and professional in the healthcare system to help develop technologies to improve patient engagement, communication and care coordination.

But it was just a decade ago that Cavallo was a scared and confused patient staying in the hospital for the first time and not knowing what to expect or how to best communicate with the clinical team caring for him. Cavallo’s hospital experience began when the 28-year-old real estate developer was taken to the emergency room after weeks of experiencing numbness in his legs and struggling to walk. Nearly a month later, Cavallo was diagnosed with MS and began his journey from a patient struggling with depression and despair to an advocate who has not only conquered the debilitating effects of his disease, but also devoted his life to improving the patient experience for others.

Read on for more from our conversation with Cavallo, how his experiences as a patient inspired him to help others, and his advice for hospitals and patients.

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Elevating the Voice of Patients, Families in the Care Experience

Posted by Karen Stone on April 26, 2017

As a former government executive, John Schall knew the ins and outs of healthcare policy better than anyone, but his perspective on healthcare changed five years ago when he became a family caregiver for the first time. His mother had a stroke while caring for his ailing father, and soon Schall was traveling to and from Washington, D.C., to Michigan to care for them both. The experience opened his eyes to the realities of caregiving: from the stress and anxiety the role brings to the arduous tasks of managing medications, medical bills, and doctor visits for a loved one.

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The State of Healthcare IT from an Accomplished CTO [Interview]

Posted by David Condra, Founder on June 8, 2016

The role of CTOs in hospitals is constantly evolving to meet fundamental clinical, operational and financial business objectives. Today’s most successful CTOs are more involved in every level of communication, from the frontlines to the C-suite. They need to be able to articulate their goals and visions for new technology to a diverse range of stakeholders and prioritize buy-in as an essential part of any implementation.

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A Day in the Life of a Nurse Executive: I Still Wear Scrubs to Work

Posted by Brenda Aubin on May 6, 2016

Happy Nurses Week 2016! To celebrate, we are featuring an outstanding nurse executive on our blog this week. Patty Changet, Regional CNO at Select Specialty Hospital, dishes on her day-to-day activities, shares career tips, and explains what makes a great nurse. See the full interview below.

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Nursing: An Honorable Profession, An Open Career Path

Posted by Karen Stone on May 8, 2015

At Amplion, we have something in common with the health care facilities around the country: one of the keys to our success is our outstanding nursing team.


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Celebrating the Backbone of Quality Patient Care

Posted by Karen Stone on May 7, 2015

For all that they contribute to healthcare, taking one week out of the year to honor the nursing profession hardly seems enough. They are a vital—if not the most important—component of quality patient care. They are there for us at our weakest moment, a key partner as we return to health. They stand by our side in times of joy and grief.


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